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Entertainment law is a mixture of labor law, employment law, contracts, intellectual property, litigation, and other legal disciplines as they relate to the entertainment industry. The visual arts, radio, television, film, music, publishing, and theatre are some of the activities that make up entertainment industry. Each activity has its own rules, customs, case law, and trade unions, which can affect routine legal practice, such as drafting contracts, as well as negotiation and litigation strategy. Please read on to find an entertainment lawyer or to learn more entertainment law.

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Ask a Lawyer - Entertainment Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Agreement of commercial use
One of my artist have to record with another artist, and this other artist ask for an agreement saying that the song can't be release without his consent (and same if he want release the song, he need the consent of my artist) so what kind of agreement should i have to draft?
i was told i would be hired for temp job and then they changed thier mind can i sue?
i went to a "friend" and asked if she would hire me as temp xmas help to supliment my unemployment - she said no problem, being i was in the same business b4 and she said she had worked around unemployment b4 - after a week i went back and then she told me she had to ask her boss, then a week later she told me that her boss thought it was a bad idea - they dont do this for anyone else, but i did work for a competitorup the street. but i was more than qualified and i feel that it is some kind of discrimination because i was fired
Can I use the celebrity name for a Title book.?
I initiated the career of a famous artist. I'm writing a book. Can I use part of his name for the Title Book.
I have a great idea for a jukebox musical but don't know what copyright laws or permissions are invo
I have a great idea for a jukebox musical. A jukebox musical is a new stage musical that uses a collection of existing songs (in my case, a collection of songs written by the same duo) set to an original story. Mama Mia! would be an example of a jukebox musical (new story set to the music of ABBA). My question has to do with rights and permissions. I know that a license to cover a song is compulsory, but have no idea what is common practice regarding jukebox musicals. I would hate to put in all the work on this project only to discover that it can never be staged due to license, copyright or other issues with getting permission. Any help or guidance most appreciated.
is verbal consent good enough when you shot a video
I had my son shot a video to promote an education program I run at a nonprofit organization. It includes Harcum College. My son got verbal consent from everyone in the video and assured them the video was not for resale, but promotional purposes only. He placed the video on youtube and the college is concern that, because we did not get written consents there could be some liability. Is this true?
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